Meet Martin

“It’s really nice and a real privilege to be able to say to someone ‘by the way, you’ve just been mucked about and we can try to sort it out.’ That’s really good when they didn’t even realize that was the case.

“One of the first things I often say to clients when I interview them is, you shouldn’t have had to come to somewhere like this. We’ll get it sorted out if we possibly can.”

He says that the partnership with First Love Foundation alongside the local authority has worked really well for everyone involved.

“For the individuals who use First Love Foundation, they obviously get access to food but they also get treated like a human by someone who listens to what’s happened to them in an empathetic way. Also they then get access to welfare rights advice at an early stage when they need it,” he says.

“From CPAG’s point of view, we have been able to get a really rich source of information about what the problems are with social security. That’s been really useful for us. It has really enabled us to focus on the real problems benefits claimants have. It really works for us.”

How you can help

Want to help the local community? There are lots of different ways to get involved.

Donate money

We know that not everyone has the time to volunteer with us or organize a food drive. You can help us support the people in need by donating money today.

Donate money

Donate time

We have a very small team, so any time you can give will make a difference – from helping at our office, supporting as an interpreter for non-English-speaking clients, offering graphic design expertise for our social media posts, and so much more. We couldn’t do it without you.

Volunteer your time

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