Meet Alfred

Shortly after, Alfred asked to volunteer at First Love Foundation to give back to the community and get some work experience to help him find a job.

“I was very happy to volunteer with them. It was a way to use my time when I had nothing else to do. It was my way to give something back to society and to the First Love Foundation for pulling me through. I liked volunteering with them because they are good people. It was a nice atmosphere and I could meet other people.” Alfred’s confidence and wellbeing grew over the following weeks as he learned new skills working as part of the team. “They changed my life because they made me see another side to society, the good side. Their support has made me stronger and given me some confidence in myself.”

Alfred was invited to apply for a job with a local company that had contacted the charity looking to recruit. The charity helped him with interview preparation and he was offered the job. He is still in the same job more than two years later.

“Looking back,” Alfred says; “The First Love Foundation saved my life. Volunteering with them really helped me to open up. I would recommend that people try it.”

How you can help

Want to help the local community? There are lots of different ways to get involved.

Donate money

We know that not everyone has the time to volunteer with us or organize a food drive. You can help us support the people in need by donating money today.

Donate money

Donate time

We have a very small team, so any time you can give will make a difference – from helping at our office, assisting at our intervention centre as an interpreter for non-English-speaking clients, providing your graphic design or filming expertise for our social media posts, and so much more. We couldn’t do it without you.

Volunteer your time

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