Meet Lorna

The charity contacted a senior manager, Lee Fearon, at the housing benefits team to advocate on her behalf – a week later Lorna got a letter telling her that her evictions has been stopped and that she would be paid the benefits she was owed.

“My rent arrears at this point had stood at £1956.18 at that time,” she says.

“Not only was I rent arrears free – I was in credit! My mouth dropped to the floor.”

Once her eviction had been stopped and her rent arrears cleared, she found that she was in a position to apply to move to a new home, as she needed an extra bedroom for her eldest child. Now, as a result of the assistance she received, Lorna and her family have now moved into more suitable accommodation

Lorna has come such a long way since she first came to the foodbank. She’s made a speech at Parliament and inspired countless others with her story. She’s even played host to a Baroness visiting her flat.

But when asked about her proudest moment, she says, amazingly, that it was the fact that she has helped someone else in a similar situation to what she was once in. Giving them a voice.

“I feel like I have a voice and I feel like my voice is being heard. It’s not a whisper anymore.”

How you can help

Like to help the local community? There are lots of different ways to get involved.

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