LOVE Christmas







What is LOVE Christmas?

Since 2012, First Love Foundation have organised a LOVE Christmas Appeal for families and individuals that find this time of year particularly difficult. It is centred around a celebration; a wonderful opportunity for people to come together and receive some support, to lessen the isolation that many face during the Christmas season.

“Thank you for all the food given to me for Christmas, it was very thoughtful but most of all it made me think very hard for what I have in life and be very grateful for what God blesses us with. A massive thank you for helping me through my hardest times.”

LOVE Christmas testimonial

“I’ve just had to give up work due to ill health and there is a delay processing the benefits, so the hamper was a real life-line for me”

LOVE Christmas testimonial

“The fact that people were kind enough to donate food and invite me to a party really made my Christmas and boosted my confidence”

LOVE Christmas testimonial

How you can help

Could you sponsor a gift or food for someone facing crisis in Tower Hamlets? Donate to ensure everybody feels loved and has something to celebrate this Christmas. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest LOVE Christmas updates about how to get involved.


We believe everyone deserves to be loved. We don’t turn our heads away.
We don’t close our eyes.
No one should feel desperation.
No one should feel unloved and alone.
No one should slip through the cracks.
We put more than meals in bellies.
We put hope in hearts.
We put lives back on track.
We open eyes and make others feel empathy. We are the bridge between crisis and resilience. We turn fear into confidence.
We help people take control of their own lives. We empower them to start living again. Because everyone has the right to be loved.

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