Our Thoughts on COVID-19

Since 2010, First Love Foundation have been an active force within the community of Tower Hamlets, supporting people out of crisis, and ultimately changing lives – for the better. Our aim was, and has always been, to work towards a time where no one needs a foodbank – or the equivalent. Despite many trials over the ten years we’ve been in operation, we could have never predicted a time like this. It is a shock. The virus is rampant, and the likelihood is that in some way, shape or form, the impact of the virus will ripple through communities in ways that may affect the way you currently live your life for the foreseeable future, if it hasn’t done so already.


In times like this it is easy to feel down, lost, or out of control. But there are elements of this you can you can control. You can opt to do the right thing.


Years from now, when we look to days of old, each of us will be remembered by our behaviour during this time.


Did we act with compassion? Or in spite?

Did we love our neighbour? Or turn our backs on them?

Did we help those who have the greatest need before ourselves? Or did we hide away in fear?


Did you make things better? Or did you make things worse?


The road ahead looks tough. But I think I can say with some certainty that we will get through it if we work together. We have brilliant people from all sectors within our society working to keep us safe and well – which means our thoughts must now go toward those that operate the 4th Emergency Service. Us.


But while this crisis is going on, it’s also important to remember to take time for you. With uncertainty in the air, it’s easy to fall in to worry, and potentially even dark thoughts – I know I’ve been there. So in the midst of this war we’re fighting – you need to remember to take time for you. And that can be as simple as picking up a book, or playing a board game, finally taking the time to learn how to make sourdough bread, or setting up your own YouTube channel.


As for us, we’re tidying up our contingency plans, ready to hit the ground running every time our government provides an update. We have plans for volunteers as well as staff to make up emergency food packs for those in need, and we’re in the process of finding people as well as vans to make operations easier. We won’t rest until they’re looked after – no one should face crisis alone.


In the meantime, focus on brighter days. We’ll hopefully be there soon.


– Christina, Marketing Executive at First Love

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